Paradise Music Video Parody

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Everyday Life

Jeff T Graham

Our big and final project for basic Visual Communications was to create a music video to any song of our choosing. We chose to make a video on the song “Paradise” by Coldplay.

The official video for the song featured and man in an elephant suit trapped in a zoo, and he escaped and fled to what i assume was Africa with the other band members in elephant suits and they proceeded to play music.

We really like the concept to this video and we decided to put our own take on it with a few changes. The basic premise for our video is about a girl with a funny face that no one accepts and laughs at. But she eventually finds her paradise with other people with the same condition as her.

I worked on this project with Erik Hammar and Jon Asher. We asked Megan McDonough, who is in…

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